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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UU Fellowship First Friday series continues on Nov. 1 at 7:30 PM

Thinking Clearly: “Miracles”?
Speaker: Bernard Brown, Ph.D.
Do "miracles" presuppose a magical suspension of the laws of nature? 
Our thesis: "miracles," then and now, can be quite real on other levels, but cannot be physical events in (historical) time. What are they then? Suppose we think of "miracles" asnarratives expressing a transcendent hope.
How do  
1. the literary structure of stories 
2. the logic of a supposed Miracle Maker and ideas of evolution help us bring clarity to these  stories and their important hopes?
A challenge in life: to be scientific realists as well as optimists.  

The First Friday Series offers the public the opportunity to hear religious, philosophical or other vital topics affecting humankind. The belief set of a different religious tradition or other subject is presented and discussed each month. 

Free to the public - Sponsored by 
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ligonier Valley
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