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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vision and heart are strong words.

Here's what the Ligonier YMCA web site says:

"Located in the heart of Ligonier, Pennsylvania, our current facility was inspired by the vision of individuals driven to bring a YMCA to our community. Our Y was established in 1983 as a non-facility charter YMCA and in 1985 we moved into our new home, the old Ligonier Valley High School."

Hmmmmm.....when did the vision change from "bring a YMCA to our community" to the community be damned-  "this isn't over" - we're going to build a squash court and parking facility whether you like it or not, Ligonier Borough?

Here's what the YMCA Wiki page says:

Each member YMCA is therefore called to focus on certain challenges which will be prioritised according to its own context. These challenges which are an evolution of the Kampala Principles
  • Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and striving for spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being of individuals and wholeness of communities.
  • Empowering all, especially young people and women to take increased responsibilities and assume leadership at all levels and working towards an equitable society.
  • Advocating for and promoting the rights of women and upholding the rights of children.
  • Fostering dialogue and partnership between people of different faiths and ideologies and recognising the cultural identities of people and promoting cultural renewal.
  • Committing to work in solidarity with the poor, dispossessed, uprooted people and oppressed racial, religious and ethnic minorities.
  • Seeking to be mediators and reconciles in situations of conflict and working for meaningful participation and advancement of people for their own self-determination.
  • Defending God’s creation against all that would destroy it and preserving and protecting the earth’s resources for coming generations. To face these challenges, the YMCA will develop patterns of co-operation at all levels that enable self-sustenance and self-determination.