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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who Is John Galt and Why Is He Asking For Kickstarter Donations When He's Always Saying People Who Need Help Are Looters and Moochers?

"Evidently unfamiliar with the concept of irony, the producers of the third of the eminently-forgettable Atlas Shrugged movies - 5% approval on Rotten Tomatoes! - have gone on Kickstarter to panhandle for $250,000 to market their new film about a guy whose mantra is, "Never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine,” created by a woman who argued that every man must depend on himself, the Free Market and hard work, and that any form of help or altruism was "evil."

Let them eat selfishness.

“The fact that a man has no claim on others (i.e., that it is not their moral duty to help him and that he cannot demand their help as his right) does not preclude or prohibit good will among men and does not make it immoral to offer or to accept voluntary, non-sacrificial assistance.” – Ayn Rand, who happily lived on Social Security and Medicare the last seven years of her life. "