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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wouldn't it make sense for the YMCA to just buy 30 parking permits so their employees can park conveniently and without worrying about tickets?

(c) The monthly parking rate for parking in the municipal parking lots is as follows:
[1] $30 per month for the North Market and Church Street lot.
[2] $25 per month for the Pine Alley parking lot.
[3] $20 per month for the South Market Street lot.
[4] $15 per month for any resident of Ligonier Borough who is at least 70 years of age.
[5] The Borough Council shall establish by rules and regulations the number and location of permit parking spaces in each lot and the hours during which the parking permits are valid.

I mean, really, for a non-profit like the YMCA to waste money building parking facilities when there are perfectly good parking spots within easy walking distance seems indefensible.

Really, Excela insisting upon onsite parking for their employees when there are perfectly good parking spots within easy walking distance seems indefensible. 

Are there some restrictions on the parking permits that make them miss the mark in meeting the needs of employees of the YMCA and Excela?  What am I missing here?