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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Amanda is hosting a 6 Week Holiday Meltdown

Oh, my, the Holiday season is upon us!  Time to lose site of ourselves and put everyone else first and eat crap and gain weight! YAY!
-NOOOOO!!!!  We will not let that happen again this year!
Join our challenge at THE PERFORMANCE HEALTH STUDIO!  Get a jump start on the new year!
The facts:  the challenge starts next week(week of Nov. 18th)
    it runs for 6weeks(ends after Christmas)
    you weigh in every week(privately)
    you pick your weigh-in day/time(the times are Mondays @ 7:30am9am7pm8:30pm or Wednesdays @ 8:30am6pm or Fridays @7am5:15pm6:45pm)
    the winner is achieved by % of body fat lost(not just pounds)
    it costs a one time fee of $20
    if your weight goes up, you must pay a fee of $2 per pound!
    you get a group class punch card, after every 6th class, you get a free group class(you don't HAVE to attend ANY classes, they're just an option)
    you get a raffle ticket at every weigh-in and every time you come to class, you decide which prize to put your ticket in the raffle basket of
    extra raffle tickets will be given out to people in my Monday night class if they meet the extra challenge at the end of class
    weekly prizes
    the GRAND PRIZE..... at least $100 to the first place and $50 to second place
    ****the cash prizes and raffle prizes will be determined by how many people sign up, if there's not enough $$$ to be given to the winners, all the money will be returned****
This is an absolute win win win situation! Win prizes, $$$ and lose weight!!!
Please don't hesitate to call me with questions!!
Have a safe and happy holiday season!!!! Amanda Bridge  724-238-4090