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Monday, November 18, 2013

Artists for Disaster Relief

Several of you may know my sister, Sheila Thornton, from her time here in Ligonier.  She did plein air painting around the area and was often times seen pulled over on the side of the road, working away with her easel set up and her paintbrushes out.  Recently she made a trip with our mom to the Philippines (who is from there) and took this picture.  She became a local celebrity as the "lady artist" and a group of children would follow her around.  Some of the children are cousins and distant relatives.

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, it's hard to believe that these children no longer have homes.  Their villages were washed away and they don't have fresh water to drink.  I don't want to think about it, but some of them may have died in the natural disaster.

Thinking of these children and all of the children of my mother's home country, my sister and I wanted to do something to help.  I talked with my partner and we decided to do a few things to raise money for the relief effort.

First of all, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  Secondly, we're going to donate a percentage of sales made at Allegory Gallery between November 14th to December 5th, host a blog hop of silent auctions that will run from November 29th to December 5th, sell items in the store made from items from the Philippines with a percentage of the proceeds going to disaster relief, have a destash sale in our Facebook Destash group, and host an raffle.  It's not much, but we want to help!

The devastation is frightful.  The death toll is staggering!  The current count is over 2,500!  Just imagine if the entire population of Ligonier died.  Men, women and children.  Over 670,000 people were displaced and many of them are now permanently homeless.  That's if the entire population of Pittsburgh had to evacuate twice-over.

The money we will raise will go to CARE's typhoon Haiyan relief effort.  CLICK HERE to learn more about their mission and to donate directly to the cause.  We will also make a personal charitable contribution to Precy Mansueto Marban, one of our friends and industry peers, who lost her factory back in the Philippines.

To find out more about the silent auction blog hop, CLICK HERE.

To find out more about the raffle, CLICK HERE.
To purchase raffle tickets, either drop by Allegory Gallery in person, or CLICK HERE.

This is one of the paintings that was done by Sheila while she was in Ligonier.  It's of the bandstand on the Diamond and was in her exhibition, "Pennsylvania Landscapes".  It has a retail value of $300 and is one of the prizes in the raffle.  To see a list of some of the prizes, CLICK HERE.