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Monday, November 11, 2013

shared by Sue

Marshall Dougherty was the only son of my grandmother Leonelli's friend and neighbor, Elizabeth Dougherty. Over the decades they knew each other, they both addressed each other as "mrs." My grandmother made sure we were extra respectful of her as her son had been killed in WW II, his body never recovered. Gran always reminded us that Mrs. Dougherty was a "Gold Star Mother" who got to ride in a convertible with the other mothers in town parades. His loss was even more eventful for my grandparents as when word of Marshall's being MIA hit town, someone at work mistakenly told my grandfather that it was my Uncle John (his son). My grandfather ran home several miles, believing his son had been killed. My uncle was in the Army Air Corps, flying the same routes as Marshall Dougherty. This small headstone in a Uniontown cemetery marks an empty grave as a body was never recovered.