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Thursday, November 7, 2013

get ready to enjoy some tight harmonies in GI Jukebox

In addition to being standards in the history of pop music, Morris also said many songs from the era contain subject matter that artists in later years and in the modern sphere simply do not sing about anymore.
“They don't write songs today about Al-Qaeda and the soldiers marching off to war,” Morris said. “They wrote songs in this era that helped promote the support of the American people to the war effort. We sold war bonds. They took USO shows over there to entertain the troops. These songs were about lost love, guys going to war, the experience of being separated from one another because of war. That has become something that we have never seen again. I think that people are going to enjoy the variety of music, the harmonies, and the simplicity of quality music of an era gone by.”
Tickets are $18 for adults and students and $12 for veterans and members of the military.

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