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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I still think there is hope for liberty but lately I'm hearing lots of folks saying it's over. Get used to it.

When there is so little to rely on, the basis for civilizational stability is undone. I observe tweeters on the street who communicate in 140 characters and cannot express a thoughtful opinion. Is it any wonder? Technology has given us many new opportunities, but these opportunities are saddled with toxins. So what if I can find out what you are having for dinner or who you are dating. Does it make a difference? All we have are distractions from what really matters.

What does matter are the interests of the nation. To my astonishment, the president has given Russia a veto over American foreign policy and the State Department has channeled foreign policy decisions through the United Nations, an organization reflexively opposed to American interests.

In surveying this landscape I realize that I am an alien in a foreign land. I don’t speak the language of puerile adolescents that dominate the media. I remain a patriot, albeit patriotism itself is an antediluvian idea. And I regard government’s coercive effort to redistribute wealth as theft. My world is at an end. There won’t be a funeral for the deceased nation, but there will be a lamentation. This is it.