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Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm moving this hot topic to a new post. LVSD negotiation discussion. Here's the last comment:

This is as good of a forum to discuss this issue as any. The problem in my opinion is that you don't want to be forthcoming on those contracts. You state McDowell wasn't pleased with the last contract negotiation. I would challenge you to ask any teacher in LVSD if they would have been happy with being paid $3500 dollars for negotiating that contract and free BC/BS till they were Medicare eligible. You took the pool of money and instead of giving it all to the teachers you separated the pool of money to pay for the retirees lifetime health care payments. I would think the vast majority of LVSD Teachers would approve that contract in a heart beat. There isn't anything wrong with transparency. As you stated it's past history, but the past history is having an impact on the current negotiations. Remember I asked a very simple question - was any money used from the pool of money set aside for the teachers contract used for the retiring teachers BC/BS? You have avoided answering it twice.