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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

man jailed for fantasizing about a crime?

Back in December of 2012, we reported on Diocenyr Ribamar Barbosa-Santos, an airline mechanic, who fantasized to an undercover agent about his plans to buy seven airplanes from China to sell to Iran once he secured a $135 million letter of credit to finance the purchase of the aircraft. The likelihood that the Brazilian immigrant — whose sole qualification in the airplane brokering business was that he fixed airplanes — could get the financing and move the planes from China to Iran was about as likely, I said, as his convincing the U.S. Park Service to dismantle Mount Rushmore and ship it, rock by rock, to Tehran. Nevertheless, he was charged in a criminal complaint with brokering the sale of these aircraft to Iran, which is roughly equivalent to charging a guy with terrorism after he confesses to plans to explode a thermonuclear device made entirely of Lego bricks and Play-Do.