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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obamacare encapsulated

I am an individual.

I work.

I work over the table and report my income.

The government says that I have a "shared responsibility" to "maintain health coverage" equal to the "minimum essential coverage" government standards.

The health insurance plan I presently have meets my needs but it does not meet the "minimum essential coverage" as determined by government.

I will lose my health insurance plan.

I do not yet know how much more I will have to pay for a new insurance plan that fulfills my "shared responsibility" as mandated by government.

I will not have a choice as government will determine whether or not the "minimum essential coverage" is "affordable" for me.

The government knows how much money I make and the government will decide if I must pay higher premiums to fulfill my "shared responsibility" regardless of whether I want to pay higher premiums.

I am a worker.  I am not in a favored class like union members and politicians.  I do not get a pass on this "shared responsibility" and I do not get a choice about whether or not I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I must pay more because government has determined that I can.

I am being punished because I work.

I am being punished because I work over the table and report my income to the government.

I must fulfill my "shared responsibility" because government mandates that I must.

I am very disappointed.