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Monday, November 4, 2013

Phil submitted this information and asked that you consider voting yes to the referendum.

Members of the Brighter Future PAC were able to contact officials in other 2nd Class Townships that have already expanded their boards to 5 members.  The responses have consistently been favorable.  Having a board that is more open to new ideas and reaching better public policy decisions are often cited as the most desirable outcomes.

In spite of the best efforts of the current Board of Supervisors to "sort out" the mess they must deal with, they have had to resort to two, forensic audits to determine where the township's (taxpayer's) money is.  The cost of those audits is approaching $30,000. 

Both nominees for Ligonier Township Supervisor, Scott Matson and Paul Knupp, have expressed their support for the referendum.   The only elected member of the current board, Tim Komar, has expressed his opposition to the referendum - even though he signed the petition to get it on the ballot.
On Election Day, township voters will have the opportunity to initiate real change in the system of governing the township by approving the referendum to add 2 more supervisors.  If the referendum is approved, the additional supervisors will be nominated and elected during 2014 and take office in January of 2015.

It's time to bring greater accountability and transparency to Ligonier Township government.  Please consider voting YES to 2 more supervisors.