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Friday, November 22, 2013

suggestions for Ligonier planners concerning parking lots

If you are changing the rules, may I make a few suggestions?

Ligonier suffers from flooding in some parts along with storm drain system overflow when we have heavy rains.  It would make sense to put into place rules which protect the community from exacerbating this problem by the addition of more paved areas.  I suggest:

  1. pervious pavements which allow water to pass through
  2. rain gardens to absorb runoff
Ligonier is a small community with residential structures mixed in and near commercial structures.  Parking lot owners like to have high overhead lighting for a variety of reasons. Such overhead lighting disturbs sleep and the enjoyment of residents living next to or near a parking lot.  I suggest:

  1. maximum illumination levels that meet safety requirements but do not damage the quality of life for residential neighbors
  2. tree buffers between commercial parking lots and residential structures to shield illumination at night, aid in water runoff absorption, and maintain a pleasant green space for the community