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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

the tools of a salesman and a suggestion for the Y

Successful businessmen are good salesmen.  All good salesmen have a number of tools in their belt to move a transaction forward.  Winning Through Intimidation and the Art of War are excellent books for learning business skills but so are The Power of Positive Thinking and The Law of Success.

I would suggest to the Y that before they decide to skewer Kim Shaffer needlessly that they dig deep into their tool box and look for their "listening ears" and then go back and review objections.

Any good salesman learns by listening carefully to the objections of the customer.  Objections are real concerns. Most often objections can be addressed and a successful transaction follows.

In this case the Y is the salesman and Ligonier Borough is the customer.

There were lots of objections but the two I heard most often were:

  • concern about the closure of a portion of Wellington Alley and related traffic flow
  • a change to the zoning law which would impact the entire borough
It seems to me that the curb cut in the front of the Y building has resolved the drop off congestion so I can't see that moving the drop off point to the alley in the rear of the building is absolutely necessary.

If the alley were left open and Y traffic is not being re-routed onto Elm, the negative impact of the Y plans on the neighbors will be lessened significantly.

Is there an option in the Ligonier Borough zoning ordinance under which the Y could request a zoning variance to allow it to put a parking lot on the residential parcel across Wellington Alley?  If not, perhaps that is the zoning ordinance amendment they should seek.  The ability to request a variance rather than a full change to zoning which would allow the borough no chance to stop the building of parking lots. Tweak the law, don't cause total disruption to the borough planners' ability to govern as they see fit.

There is a middle ground here that would not cause such a rift.