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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Want to exercise your arithmetic skills?

Pick up an article with the headline that food banks are running out of food and people will starve because the temporary increase in food stamps - stimulus - was not converted to a permanent entitlement.

Looks like a family of four had been receiving an extra $36 a month as part of the temporary stimulus package.  Now that the $36 dollars a month is discontinued food bank advocates are saying these families will have roughly 20 less meals a month.  Huh? That's $1.80 a meal.

Most who have ever been poor know how to eat on the cheap without going to a food bank. If you were never poor, ask your grandparents. Maybe they had some tough times and can share their wisdom.

Household budgeting and ways to eat healthy while stretching a dollar are skills that used to be taught at home.  Perhaps the food banks which are charitable institutions could help families find better ways spend their food stamp money.