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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friendly cats need a new home.


My husband and I have sold our rural home in Fairfield Township. Over the years several cats have appeared on our doorstep. We jokingly refer to them as gifts from the universe. We have spayed and neutered, provided veterinary care, fed, and sheltered these gifts. Now as we are leaving we need homes for the four remaining cats, as the new owner has a cat allergy.

The inside cat is a healthy, affectionate, gentle, and quiet spayed six-year old female named Fritz. She has never destroyed furniture, and doesn't bother the kitchen counters or the kitchen table.

Outside we have 3 four-year old neutered male cats. Although they are slow to make up to strangers, once they know you, they are very friendly. The cats are healthy and would be good barn cats. They probably would adjust to being inside cats as well, as they know just what to do with a litter box.

All of the cats have had their shots and are about due for their booster shots. We would be willing to pay for the booster shots.

My cell phone # is 724-388-7856 if anyone could provide a home for one or more of the cats.

Sue Toy