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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I swore I would never play this game. Ha!

Given that the game is viewed as ‘luck’ based, it harbors behavior similar to that associated with slot machines. However, that is based on the assumption the game is actually luck based. For example, when you roll dice, the outcomes are fairly predictable. Match-3 games are not like dice in this manner because they are run on more sophisticated computers. Equipped with the proper algorithm, the candy board–supposedly based on ‘luck’–can be manipulated against your favor. Some would perceive that this would be a positive factor because the difficulty of the game can be monitored, but it’s exactly the opposite for that exact reason. You can be forced to take more turns than necessary and play against a ‘loaded deck’ of seemingly-random-but-actually-rigged combinations, leading to an endless ‘just one more try’ tumble. Ultimately in gameplay, this progression-dominant, forward mentality results in the loss of all of your lives.