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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Infused honey...natural, local, sustainable

 Can't resist infused honeys in the wintertime...from master beekeeper, architect and sustainable design specialist Christina Neumann, in Pittsburgh.

"Apoidea has been tediously crafting infused honeys for almost a decade with one single purpose in mind. That purpose is to shift awareness of honey consumption. A constant supply of cheap honey often creates many unnatural pressures on both the bees and the beekeepers. When we slow down and savor the wonderful of subtle tastes of raw and infused honey, it brings to mind all the work involved in making honey from flora to bee to beekeeper. One single teaspoon is the entire life's work of 12 forager bees gathering the nectar of 25,000 flowers. Infused honeys are made with the intent they are for special occasions where the moments should be savored as well. The infusion process involves a delicate mix of time, herbal concentration and low heat to allow a complimentary flavor-matched honey to assimilate the subtle natural flavors. Apoidea produces more than 20 infusions but they vary throughout the seasons. Stop back every solstice and equinox to see what's new!"
          Winter infusions: Santa Spank, Fireside Chai, Dark Rosemary and Chocolate Mint.