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Saturday, December 7, 2013

on the "want to read" list

"Personally, I am a little creeped out by The Giving Tree," explains writer Arin Greenwood, whose latest book, the young adult novel Save the Enemy, features a wonderfully drawn libertarian father with a keen hatred for the beloved children's book. As the novel's teenage girl protagonist explains:
Your dad probably read you books like The Giving Tree when you were a kid. My dad did read me The Giving Tree once, calling it "evil" in that it "promotes the immoral destruction of the self." (I was four.) He preferred Atlas Shrugged, which is basically about how rich people shouldn't pay taxes. He has explained to me a lot over the course of my seventeen years that taxes are "slavery."
"The father is a think-tank-like libertarian," explains Greenwood, who is editor at HuffPost DC, where she covers "weird" stories from the nation's capital. "He's a big Ayn Rand supporter. He doesn't think there should be public transportation. He's very suspicious of public schools." As it happens, Greenwood is married to a think-tank libertarian in real life, which might explain why so much of the dialogue and jokes ring true.