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Friday, January 31, 2014

Save the Date Alert!

Save the Date Alert!

Ligonier Valley High School's production of the musical "Lucky Stiff" will be performed on March 21 & 22 at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Tickets will be available at the door each evening. The tickets are $8 for adults and $7 for students and children. The musical is a fast-paced comedy full of mistaken identities, zany characters, and a few surprises. If any businesses are interested in advertising in our program, please email me at

John Gregorich

Was the Ligonier Borough Council reorganization lawful?

Isn't the last day to reorganize January 16th?

Doesn't the Sunshine Law require advertisement of reorganization?

Even if the law allows for a 2nd organization - which I don't think it does - this act was not anticipated as part of the special meeting held this week and therefore the notice required by law was not provided to all members of council.

Mountain Palace- Chinese New Year!

The Year of the Horse has arrived! Lacy has been keeping the weekend special a secret but has finally released it. Chinese New Year Dinner Set: Three Dumplings; Seafood Soup; Wu Xiang Hua Sheng Salad; Yiu Cai Shrimp; Jiang Ji Zhen; and Hong Shao Pork with Rice. The dumplings are the handmade by Yuzhen variety. The seafood soup contains fish, scallops and shrimp and is commonly known to be the best soup on planet Earth. The salad is a five spice (wu xiang) peanut salad. Yiu cai is a water vegetable similar to bok choi that goes very well with the shrimp. Jiang ji zhen is a traditional New Year chicken dish. And hong shao is a specially prepared pieces of pork dish also traditional for New Years. Come to Mountain Palace this weekend for the Chinese New Year special or any of our other tasty healthy authentic northern Chinese delights! Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 2 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake. Lacy will have her traditional Chinese medical exercise and acupressure session focusing on quality of sleep 11:00 Saturday at the Ligonier YMCA. We will also be delivering frozen dumplings in Ligonier Saturday while Lacy is doing her session to be picked up in the parking lot or by other arrangement. Call cell 724 288-3872 or email by 10:00 Saturday morning to make your order. They are $19.95 for 40 or $7.45 for 13.  724 717-8614 

Mary wants to know "What is this board and superintendent doing with all the money?"

As I read the Tribune Democrat today I was taken back by Greater Johnstown School District's  budget which is under $17 million serving approximately 3,200 students (I called to verify ). This caught my attention because LVSD has a budget of $26 million serving less than 1,600 students. LVSD operates 4 academic bldgs and 1 Taj Mahal adm bldg. Johnstown also has 4 academic bldgs and an adm bld ( small) for twice as many children than LVSD. They also provide activity busses and no pay to play and  park . Johnstown also has 6 million in reserve as they balance their budget for the coming year with no tax increase . They also do not receive RKM grants of a million.
So my question is, "What is this board and superintendent doing with all the money?"

May I add :
Tantlinger can't blame the teachers because Johnstown has more teachers thus a bigger pension and health care liability .


Ligonier Borough political stew keeps simmering

St. Clair made the motion for another election because council had just added a new member.
Hoffer asked solicitor George Welty if council could hold another election, and after reviewing the state borough code, Welty confirmed St. Clair's motion was in order.
McDonnell asked if the election could still take place despite the absence of Councilman Pat Scanlon. Welty explained that because there was a quorum at the meeting, the election could occur.
Robert Helterbran seconded the motion, and Bieterman, Matt Smith and St. Clair voted in favor of it. Hoffer and McDonnell dissented.
Mayor Ormond Bellas called for nominations...

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chas paints some First Ladies!

Ligonier native and great American artist Chas Fagan is back in the news. Some may recall when Chas' cartoons appeared in The Ligonier Echo.

The Kitchen on Main

Feb. 9th - SUSHI 101
Feb. 23rd - 4 Course Wine Pairing
  with Greendance Winery
Reservations Required
More in March!
Visit website for details or call 724-238-4199

New full time Tax and Accounting Practice

Emert Financial Service 

Hello Ligonier Living Blog Readers!

Emert Financial Service is a new full time
Tax and Accounting Firm in the Ligonier Valley Area.

We are now accepting new clients. Our rates are very competitive.
I am the owner/operator of the firm and  have over 22 years of tax,
 accounting, trust and wealth management experience.
I am a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner
and Certified Specialist in Estate Planning.
Many of my clients have their tax returns prepared and e-filed
while they wait, while others drop them off for later pickup.
For the elderly or those that have difficulty securing transportation,
 we can arrange for pickup and delivery service.

Thank you and I look forward to be of service to you.

Please see my contact information below.

Chris W. Emert, CPA, CFP, CSEP
138 Monticue Drive
Stahlstown, PA 15687

Home Office: 724.593.7148
Cell:               724.972.2250

I love this!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

winter comedy back at the Ligonier Theatre

“Private Lives,” a 1930s play by Noel Coward, will be the feature presentation in the upcoming weeks at the Ligonier Theatre.
Just in time for Valentine's Day, this romantic comedy is sure to provide quality, community entertainment.
“With four regular season theatrical productions yearly at the Ligonier Theatre, a romantic comedy around this time of year just seems appropriate,” said executive director Ed Harris. “We try to pick something that corresponds with what's going on at that time,” he said of the program committee's play selection.
Show times are 7:30 p.m. Feb. 7,8,14 and 15 2:30 p.m. and Feb. 9 and 16.

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Ligonier Borough police find the lethal Theraflu heroin in traffic stop on Indian Street.

A traffic stop in Ligonier Borough led police to numerous bags suspected to contain lethal heroin.
Around 5:10 p.m. on Sunday, Ligonier Borough Police stopped a motorist along Indian Street for disobeying a stop sign, according to Chief John Berger.
After searching the three occupants of the vehicle, police found the driver to be in possession of 15 bags of heroin stamped “Theraflu,” Berger said.

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YMCA sets up warming station

Ligonier — Ligonier Valley YMCA, 110 W. Church St. Open until 9 p.m. and overnight if needed. Anyone who needs overnight accommodations is asked to call 911 first.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2 arrested in recent Ligonier Borough thefts

Police have charged two men in connection with about 50 thefts in Ligonier Borough.
Brandon Roy King, 19, and Sam Daquinn Oglesby, 18, both of Latrobe, have been charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property and conspiracy, having allegedly confessed to operating a 1999 Toyota Solara that was stolen from North St. Clair Street between Jan. 19 and 20, police said. Oglesby was charged with theft for allegedly stealing the vehicle.

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22 deaths

And it was stamp bags like the ones discovered on East 20th Street in Homestead Monday by a joint Munhall-Homestead heroin investigation that helped put more stamp bag labels under a warning from law enforcement. Some of them were labeled “Bud Ice.”
The heroin is believed to be in bags stamped with the words Theraflu, Bud Ice and Income Tax.
“Heroin with these specific stamps has been identified by narcotics agents not only in Allegheny County, but also in Westmoreland, Armstrong, Butler, Lawrence and Beaver counties. However, these stamped bags could already or eventually be available in other counties across Pennsylvania,” Kane said.

ALERT ALERT dog loose near Ruthies

There has been a golden retriever running around near Ruthies Dinner and Diamond Physical Therapy. It has tags and what appears to be an invisible fence collar. I have seen it twice the last two nights. I keep trying to catch it, bait it in with food, ect, but it is very skittish and when approached takes off running across Rt 30. I am terrifed it is going to get hit and/or cause an accident. Not to mention it is WAY too cold for it to be wondering around. 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Alterations & More

Professional Seamstress services.
30+ years experience with all types of alterations and custom work.

Previous experience includes sole proprietorship of custom sewing business for national and international clients, seamstress for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

References available.  Ligonier Borough resident.
Call 412-389-8425

Sunday, January 26, 2014

if you find an animal in need

Tutoring Available

Has your child struggled the first half of the year with their math class? You can finish the year successfully.

Tutoring is available in Algebra I, Algebra II, or Geometry.
PA Certified 7-12 Math Teacher
Reasonable rates - Call 412-389-8425

news from Altoona

(CNN) -- Authorities in Pennsylvania arrested a 19-year-old Russian man Friday and charged him with possession of a weapon of mass destruction, Altoona police said in a written statement.
Police officers were investigating a reported marijuana-growing operation when they discovered a homemade bomb and bomb-making materials in a suitcase, the news release said.
Vladislav Miftakhov, a Russian citizen, was arrested and charged with possessing a weapon of mass destruction, risking a catastrophe and drug-related offenses. He was arraigned Friday and bail was set at $500,000, Blair County corrections officer James McMahon said Sunday.

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It's a...a.......a rooster. LOL I love roosters. Come see the rooster and enjoy the Ligonier Ice Fest.

“The crowd is enjoying themselves,” McAlister said. “It’s a good turnout for how cold it is.”

Mark Maley of Geistown, who was at the event with his wife, Vicki, and friends and family members, said they attend each year.

“We enjoy all the camaraderie with our friends and family,” Maley said.

He said they stopped at Joe’s Bar to look at the exotic stuffed animals on display and were planning to go to Carol and Dave’s Roadhouse restaurant after viewing the ice sculptures.

Tim and Wendy Grace of Stoystown, who were ready to take off on a sleigh ride, said that the event was nice.

Carolyn speaks out about open birth records for adoptees in PA

They stand in line behind you in the grocery store, sit beside you at conferences, celebrate with you at concerts. It’s likely they are in your family. Perhaps you know this, and wonder about these hidden persons. Perhaps they are a family secret.
Adoptees are in my family---I have an adopted daughter and nephew. Two sisters my mother released for adoption discovered me in 2010 and 2011. They were able to make connection with me because New Hampshire and Massachusetts have open birth record laws for adult adoptees.
They lacked medical/genetic and social/cultural history for more than 60 years. The first thing I said to each of them on our first phone contact was If we never speak again, I want to provide you with your medical history.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Bricks and Ice Fest! What a way to spend the day!

This is a great weekend for the Ice Festival!  We will be enjoying the town this afternoon, then it's off to The Forks where The Bricks will be playing from 9 p.m. until 12 midnight on Saturday, Jan. 25.  Stop in and hear some great tunes while you thaw out from the Ice Festival!  Hope to see you there!

pics of winter 2014 by Carolyn

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mellow Mike is back.....first Tuesday of each month starting February 4th

What is Mellow Mike?

a little bit performance...
a little bit old fashioned sing along...
a little bit poetry reading and storytelling...
a little bit open stage...
a little bit jam session...

We never know what will happen when we turn on the microphones at Mellow Mike.  Each time it's a unique happening and influenced by your participation.

Come join us.
 Mellow Mike at  the Ligonier Tavern.  
The kitchen is open until 9pm.

Mellow Mike
First Tuesday of the Month 7:30 to 9:30

Winter survival tips...check out the link for much more information

Survival tips:
  • Prepare your vehicle: Make sure you keep your gas tank at least half full.
  • Be easy to find: Tell someone where you are going and the route you will take.
  • If stuck: Tie a florescent flag (from your kit) on your antenna or hang it out the window. At night, keep your dome light on. Rescue crews can see a small glow at a distance. To reduce battery drain, use emergency flashers only if you hear approaching vehicles. If you're with someone else, make sure at least one person is awake and keeping watch for help at all times.
  • Stay in your vehicle: Walking in a storm can be very dangerous. You might become lost or exhausted. Your vehicle is a good shelter.
  • Avoid Overexertion: Shoveling snow or pushing your car takes a lot of effort in storm conditions. Don't risk a heart attack or injury. That work can also make you hot and sweaty. Wet clothing loses insulation value, making you susceptible to hypothermia.
  • Fresh Air: It's better to be cold and awake than comfortably warm and sleepy. Snow can plug your vehicle's exhaust system and cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to enter your car. Only run the engine for 10 minutes an hour and make sure the exhaust pipe is free of snow. Keeping a window open a crack while running the engine is also a good idea.
  • Don't expect to be comfortable: You want to survive until you're found.

Mountain Palace - Winter Weather Special & Saturday Ligonier Dumpling Delivery

In view of the rather chilly weather lately, Lacy has decided to have one of our favorite cold weather specials this weekend. Sliced potato with hot pepper and ground beef is sure to fill you up and keep you warm. Lacy will have her traditional Chinese medical exercise and acupressure session at the Ligonier YMCA Saturday at 11:00 which will include acupressure points related to anger reduction. Y members and non-member walk-ins are welcome. Frozen homemade northern Chinese miracle dumplings will be available for pickup or delivery during that time. Please call cell 724 288-3872 or email prior to 10:00 Saturday morning to make arrangements. Lacy has a surprise special dinner set for Chinese New Year next weekend. Mountain Palace is open Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 2 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. We are located eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 onto Creek Road directly across from Mirror Lake. 724 717-8614 

thanks to Marianne for the heads up on this memorial to the workers of the Wilpen Mines & Coke Works

Following is a partial list of the miners, coke workers, mine employees and company store employees that worked the Wilpen Mines & Coke Works, Wilpen, Ligonier Twp, Westmoreland Co., PA. The coal miners names have been researched and complied from various sources by Raymond A. Washlaski, Historian: newspaper obits, newspaper articles, Pennsylvania Bureau of Mines Reports, township histories, and names of coal miners submitted by various people, etc..
The Nationalities listed for various miners, are taken directly from "Report of the Department of Mines of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA" as reported for the various years. Those listed as American, could be either native born or naturalized citizens.
Can you add additional Coal Miner's names to this Coal Miners Memorial Honor Roll? e-mail "The Old Miner" Editor

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lock your car doors, for heavens sake! ;)

The Ligonier Borough police department is investigating at least 32 vehicle break-ins, as well as a vehicle theft.
In the past 10 days, someone entered more than 20 vehicles with unlocked doors, police said.
A 1999 Toyota Solara was taken from the northeast area of the borough near North St. Clair Street between 11 p.m. Jan. 19 and 7 a.m. Jan. 20, police said.

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featured artist, Andrew Thorton

Bolivar resident and co-owner of Allegory Gallery Andrew Thornton will be featured on “Beads, Baubles & Jewels,” a television show about jewelry-making which highlights different artists, techniques and new products.
Thornton met with produces and the show's host Katie Hacker recently in Solon, Ohio, to film the three-part series, which will focus on his creative process and thoughts on artistic technique.
“I was really honored to be asked to participate,” said Thornton. “The show has featured some incredible talent over the years and I consider myself to be very lucky to count myself among the guests.”

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DRUM & CHANT WORKSHOP with Jim Donovan

DRUM & CHANT WORKSHOP with Jim Donovan
Where: Earth Lotus Yoga Studio, Ligonier
When: Saturday, February 1st
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Cost: $35 (pre-pay); $45 (same-day)

Anyone regardless of musical experience will enjoy and benefit from this experience.
Drums Provided.  Ages 17 and Over.


* Energize the brain and clear the mind
* Get deeper, more restful sleep
* Create deep relaxation and stress relief
* Expand conscious awareness
* Unblock energetic and emotional congestion
* Open creative thinking and expression

Enjoy learning how to use the power of sound to effectively unblock, transform, and increase your energy. Through group drumming, chanting and breathwork, you will learn how to gain energized mental clarity, reduce fear and anxiety, unblock emotional congestion, open creative inspiration and expand your conscious awareness.

Drumming and chanting with others is an ancient practice that people have used for millennia all over the globe to connect, heal, learn, witness and celebrate with each other. It’s only been in the last few hundred years that many people in our modern cultures have stopped connecting in this way. 

Join us to reclaim and experience this powerful and comforting way of being together in community.

* Ecstatic Drumming Rhythms
* Vocal Toning and Mantra
* Rejuvenating Breathing Exercises
* Visualization
* Group Support and Community Creation

Jim Donovan M.Ed.L, is a musician, teacher, trainer and motivator whose mission is to empower, inspire and connect people. In his work, Donovan records, performs, writes, and offers workshops in the US and abroad focused on using rhythm, drumming and the voice as vehicles for personal growth, healing, and the creation of community. He was a founding member of the multi-platinum 90's band Rusted Root and was voted "Drum Circle Facilitator of the Year" by the readers of Drum! magazine. Donovan holds a BA in classical music performance from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Saint Francis University where he is also on faculty. He is also developed a training program that teaches Occupational Therapists, medical professionals, parents and teachers how to use rhythm and sound as a complementary intervention for autistic and other special needs children. In addition to his musical credentials, Donovan is an author, dedicated husband and father of 3.

Mountain Palace - Ligonier Dumpling Delivery Saturdays

Enjoy our homemade authentic northern Chinese dumplings delivered frozen in Ligonier Saturday mornings from 11:00 to 12:00. Order your frozen dumplings by calling 724 288-3872 or email prior to 10:00 Saturday morning and you can pick them up in the parking lot across from the YMCA or we will get them to you. Prices are $19.95 for 40 dumplings or $7.45 for 13. If you think you can't make it to Mountain Palace and would like some of our wonderful dumplings let us know and we can make it happen.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ligonier Ice Fest this weekend

Four of DeMartino’s ice sculptors will create a masterpiece of their choosing in 30 minutes, and the audience will vote for the best one.

“There will be tickets at each station, and people can vote for their favorite,” said Holly Mowrey, executive director of Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors the event.

Monday, January 20, 2014

new TCS minicooper on the way

About to drive the old minicooper into the Burgh for the last time. Boohoo. We'll miss you little mini.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

black eyed susans wearing their winter hats

The YMCA dispute will go to court.

A Westmoreland County judge will be asked to sort out the legal wrangling over the proposed expansion of the Ligonier Valley YMCA.
Attorney Daniel Hewitt filed a land use appeal on behalf of Ligonier Borough in Westmoreland County Common Pleas Court on Thursday.
That volley was in response to the YMCA's claim it had won “deemed approval” of its conditional use application — a request to use its commercially zoned property for professional medical offices and to add a surface parking lot.
The YMCA's attorney, Mark Sorice, said the Y's application, submitted in June, was granted by default because the borough did not act on it within 60 days, as required by the Municipal Planning Code.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Dee wants to clarify her comments at the LVSD Board meeting.

I understand that there has been some confusion about the research I mentioned at the Board meeting. First and foremost, this researchhad absolutely nothing to do with Steve Dunn and/or his "programs." Rather, Dr. Mucherah and I focused on adolescent reading motivation and if there are any statistically significant correlations between certain motivators and academic success as tested (for the US sample of students) on the PSSA.
The *only* reference to Steve Dunn was when I told the board that he was not interested in hearing the results of this research.


P wonders if this applies to Ligonier

Mountain Palace - Lamb Chaofan!

And the Mountain Palace weekend special is - Lamb Chaofan! For all of you chaofan lovers out there, finally chaofan with lamb. This is pretty tasty stuff. Chaofan is the northern Chinese version of fried rice which retains its fluffy nature rather than being fried to death. So come to Mountain Palace this weekend and enjoy this special or any of our other tasty, healthy authentic northern Chinese dishes. Lacy's YMCA traditional Chinese medical exercise and acupressure session this Saturday at 11:00 will feature acupressure points to facilitate immune system function. Eatery hours are Friday 6 to 9, Saturday 2 to 9 and Sunday 12 to 6. Eleven miles north of Ligonier left off of Route 711 directly across from Mirror Lake.  724 717-8614 

I'm sure this lance will get lots of commentary.

Lance: To the Ligonier Valley teachers union. Its wretched platitudes about students, their education and community devotion — now that teachers got what they wanted — are putrid.

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As a taxpayer advocate, I would encourage the Tribune Review to also discuss the putrid excess of administrative costs and the ridiculous spending by this school district on the Steve Dunn program.  I think the whole school district is an appalling constant loss of money for the taxpayers and our only tax relief will come from school choice legislation allowing parents to take our money and cross the school district line.  Legislators take notice.  Taxpayers are the slaves of big spending public school administrators and teacher unions.  It's a money game.  Time to change the rules and introduce competition into the mix so that parents and children can seek the best public education available. 

I would have given Tantlinger a lance for voting YES instead of NO.

Laurel: To Irvin Tantlinger. The Ligonier Valley School Board member didn't give the customary “good deal” spiel that typically accompanies the approval of a new teachers contract.

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I do not see any reason for him to vote yes when he feels strongly that the contract is bad.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My sister and I were chatting about goofy 70s clothing.....I'm fairly sure this is actually late 60s ...but

...too goofy not to share!  LOL  Wearing my mother's wig.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

exercising the brain

I would not make a good nun. Wimples and self-sacrifice do not suit me. But if I had to be a nun, I would live in Kentucky among the School Sisters of Notre Dame. And there I would teach and do the crossword. This is because, unlike the nuns themselves, I am highly averse to meeting my Maker. And the good Sisters of Kentucky have unlocked the secret to living a longer, healthier life.

Almost 30 years ago, an academic called David Snowden began a study which, imaginatively, is now known as the Nun Study. He chose to focus on the sisters because they all have very similar lifestyles. As they age, however, some choose to stop their teaching duties, while others continue in the classroom. Those who continue to be mentally active live, on average, four years longer than those who do not. Their brains show 40 per cent more synapses and thicker myelin insulation, which is vital to brain health.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ALERT ALERT little blind dog found near Kingston Dam

Was your dad a Chevy or a Ford guy?

LOL  Funny that now the question is Droid or Apple?  ;)

a first.......used syringe

My landlord and I clean up a constant flow of beer bottles in and around my office.  We are the nexus of the universe for bar trash considering the clientele for Joe's and Wicked Googly move to and fro in a constant stream in and around the office at night.  This is the first time I have noticed a used syringe in the general trash under our shrubs.  I put on a rubber glove and took it to the Conemaugh Hospital office whose staff kindly took possession for disposal.  YUCK.

thanks to Jemm for morning hilarity

LVSD agreement approved ....... can the school board make cuts elsewhere to hold the line on taxes?

Tantlinger cited the “most pressing issues” confronted in negotiations as “pension costs, spiraling health care costs, and millage increase over the next three years.”
He said he is concerned about the school year 2016-17, when a new contract will be negotiated, adding that the state of Pennsylvania should “take the strike threat away and stop holding students as hostages.”
“The instructional costs and benefits of this contract will result, in my opinion, in a reduction in teachers and elimination of some programs,” he said. “This contract will result in a millage increase in each of the next two years. The taxpayers of the district will bear the brunt of this contract.”
After no other directors had any comments, the board adjourned for an executive session for contracts and personnel discussions.
Salay said she was disturbed by Tantlinger's comments.
“I think we were trying very hard to restore our partnerships tonight, and I'm very disturbed that a board member would publicly try to derail that,” she said.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

LOL Hamas refuses to relinquish violence BUT...

it swears it has not violated Twitter's terms of service - ever.  LOL  I don't know but that just tickles my funny bone.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Supreme Court to consider recess appointments

The appellate court ruling under now review at the Supreme Court found a narrow window for the president to make recess appointments. Under its decision, the president can only make such appointments when the Senate is in recess between sessions of Congress, and only if a vacancy occurred in that same time period.
That goes well against protocol adopted by past Democratic and Republican presidents. A Congressional Service Research report found 329 such appointments since 1981 that would not meet that criteria and would be ruled void if the appeals court decision was law.
Some see the fight against the labor board as a broader effort in which opponents have sought to stymie the Obama administration’s rules and regulations.
“I think the battle against the NLRB over the last few years has been a proxy war about the proper role and scope of government,” said Wilma Liebman, who served as chairwoman of the NLRB from January 2009 to August 2011.
The obscure agency has become ground zero in that war, pitting business against labor and Republicans against Democrats.

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A Ligonier Gem Opens On S. Market Street

Couldn't believe my luck when I entered Ligonier's newest cafe/eatery/deli called Duley's and snagged the last jar of Brooklyn Brine Co. Deli Pickles ! Always wanted to try them after seeing the Anthony Bourdain special "Brooklyn" on the Travel Channel. Ended up being the freshest pickles I ever tasted!
I heard this little gem had a soft opening right before Christmas and is now opened 7 days a week.
Bought my Boarshead ham and cheese and will be back mid week  to replenish and grab a panini and soup to go!

Ligonier Living: Libertarians Know How To Oppose Things Without Ban...

Ligonier Living: Libertarians Know How To Oppose Things Without Ban...: As a  Denver Post  columnist from 2004-11, I spent a considerable amount of time writing pieces advocating the legalization of pot. So I was...

Libertarians Know How To Oppose Things Without Banning Them

As a Denver Post columnist from 2004-11, I spent a considerable amount of time writing pieces advocating the legalization of pot. So I was happy when Colorado became one of the first to decriminalize small amounts of "recreational" marijuana. I believe that the war on drugs is a tragically misplaced use of resources—an immoral venture that produces far more suffering than it alleviates. And on a philosophical level, I believe that adults should be permitted to ingest whatever they desire—including, but not limited to, trans fats, tobacco, cough syrup, colossal sodas and so on—as long as they live with the consequences.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

news from Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity School will have an open house on Wednesday, January 29th from 7-8 PM.

Other events during the week of January 26th (Catholic Schools Week) that are open to the public:

Tuesday, Jan, 28th- the 5th through 8th grade students will present three one-act plays, beginning at 1 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 29th- the school's annual Science Fair from 1-3 PM

Visitors that are interested in the school are welcome anytime. Please call for a tour at 724-238-6430.

before Edward Snowden

"Where I see it going is toward a totalitarian state," says William Binney. "You've got the NSA doing all this collecting of material on all of its citizens - that's what the SS, the Gestapo, the Stasi, the KGB, and the NKVD did."

Binney is talking about the collection of various forms of personal data on American citizens by the National Security Agency (NSA), where he worked for 30 years before quitting in 2001 from his high-placed post as technical leader for intelligence. A registered Republican for most of his life, Binney volunteered for military service during the Vietnam War, which led to his being hired by the NSA in the early '70s.

In 2002 - long before the revelations of Edward Snowden rocked the world - Binney and several former colleagues went to Congress and the Department of Defense, asking that the NSA be investigated. Not only was the super-secretive agency wasting taxpayer dollars on ineffective programs, they argued, it was broadly violating constitutional guarantees to privacy and due process.

Ariel Sharon RIP

Pictured here with Moshe Dayen in 1967. Sharon was a brave leader, not afraid to use simply shocking tactics such as crossing the Suez Canal and fighting back Egyptian forces on their own soil during the 1967 war and in 2000 walking purposefully into the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

I love that he defended Israel by demonstrating to the opposition that Israel could take them out anytime they wanted to but by choice, Israel stopped short of annihilation and always sought a peaceful settlement with the aggressors.

I work with 2 serious preppers. I would say I'm a casual prepper.

My pantry is really no more full than the pantries of a typical old fashioned household.  I don't have a cold cellar or a deep freezer either.

I do know what a cold cellar is, though, because my grandparents had one.  This pictures looks a bit like the entrance to the old cellar.

The cellar sat in front of the old farmhouse and the door faced the house.  My grandparents were already gone by the time we kids were exploring the site.  Another family with children lived in the old house so we had the privilege of playing in and around the old cellar.

My mother didn't have a pantry so I didn't know what a pantry was.  She kept a few canned goods in a corner cupboard. I remember the first time I saw a pantry.  I was visiting the girlfriend of a friend and she mentioned a pantry.  I asked her to explain and she took me to a cupboard and amazed me with all of the food they had on hand.  I asked her why they kept so much food and she said her father worked in the mill and that they had to have enough food on hand to survive a strike.  Wow!  That was eye opening. Having a pantry is pretty darn smart.

Still, as an adult, I followed the lead of my mother and only had a few canned goods in a cupboard.  Then I started listening to the preparation conversations and I started thinking about what a pantry really is. It's a bit of self sufficiency to help you through a temporary disruption. I couldn't figure out how I would fit food into my kitchen cupboards when I suddenly realized that the cupboards were filled with stuff that I didn't need.  Truly - how many sets of dishes and serving platters and gadgets do we need?  I got rid of lots of things which freed up 3 cupboards for a sort of a pantry and then as things go on sale, I pick up a can here and a can there.  It's more of a back up supply that gets moved to the main cupboard as things are used.

A modern pantry also includes some water in gallon jugs or drinking bottles. We are reminded of the value of having water on hand when we hear of unexpected frozen pipes or a disaster such as happened in West Virginia this week.

As I said, I'm not a serious prepper.  I have a couple of jugs set aside.  Guess I'll add a couple more this week.  I realize that's not much but it's better than nothing, right?

I'm happy to see outdoor sculpture going in at SAMA. It's a perfect setting for a sculpture garden.

This sculpture has a special meaning.  Follow the link to get the story.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Annual Conference to Highlight Ways Farmers Can Cut Costs and Make a Profit

Greensburg – The 2014 Southwest Regional PA No Till Conference will be held from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Wednesday, January 29, 2014, at the Fred Rogers Center at St. Vincent College, Route 30 in Latrobe.  Participants will learn through presentations and demonstrations how No Till farming – a way of growing crops without disturbing the soil through tillage or plowing – can save time and money as well as soil. 

According to Dan Griffith, Agricultural Conservation Technician with the Westmoreland Conservation District, “The price of corn has dropped by 50% since last year, so farmers need to look for ways to cut costs and still make a profit.  No-tilling can really make a difference in their operations.” 

Speakers this year are David Lamm, a 36 year veteran of Natural Resources Conservation Service and leader for their National Soil Health and Sustainability Team, who will discuss key components to successful no till systems; and Jim Hershey, President of the PA No Till Alliance, who has successfully practiced no till farming for 25 years.

Vendors will be on hand throughout the day to answer questions and show the latest in equipment and other tools and resources to ensure success. 

Cost to attend the conference is $30 per person through Jan. 20th, then $40 per person.   See to register and pay online or to download a registration flyer to mail in with a payment.

The conference is sponsored by Penn’s Corner Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council, Inc., Penn State Cooperative Extension, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Conservation Districts located in the Southwest Region of PA. 

just got the news about dog missing in Rector

Canyon Jack has returned home on his own!  Because Jack had been outside during the frigid temperatures, everyone was concerned for his safety and well-being.  His pads were fine, his ears were fine, he hadn't lost any weight, and he was nice and toasty warm, so who knows where he had been or what shelter he may have found?  If he could only talk and share of his adventures.

Fox's Pizza in Ligonier on Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck on Thursday interviewed Tom Wynkoop, the owner of Fox’s Pizza of Ligonier in Ligonier, Penn. Wynkoop made headlines — including one on TheBlaze — after posting a message on Facebook offering to deliver medicine, food and essentials to anyone who has medical issues or was home-bound during the recent inclement weather.
“[Due] to the extreme weather conditions please call my cell phone and I will do everything in my power to have things brought to you (medications, food, etc…) NO FOOD ORDERING REQUIRED,” Wynkoop wrote in the post.