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Friday, January 10, 2014

and this is how the EPA scares the crap out of people for no good reason

The the GOVERNMENT forces the PEOPLE to buy certain types of light bulbs. Then the GOVERNMENT teaches the PEOPLE  that these light bulbs contain mercury, a substance that the GOVERNMENT has previously taught the PEOPLE is HAZARDOUS and very scary.

So, now that the GOVERNMENT requires that the PEOPLE have these HAZARDOUS mercury containing light bulbs all over their homes, the GOVERNMENT decides it must teach the PEOPLE how to deal with a HAZARDOUS situation in the event that one of these light bulbs break.

Here are the complex instructions the GOVERNMENT via the EPA have issued to the PEOPLE for handling this HAZARDOUS situation.

I'm a scofflaw when it comes to this type of GOVERNMENT instructions to the PEOPLE.  If I break one of these light bulbs I will simply sweep it up and toss it in my trash can.  However, the GOVERNMENT scares many of the PEOPLE who take these teachings very seriously because how do you know when things are truly HAZARDOUS and when they are not truly HAZARDOUS because the GOVERNMENT teaches the PEOPLE about so many things that it is hard to know when to be afraid and when not to be afraid.

Yesterday my mother decided to use one of these new light bulbs for the first time.  Unfortunately she dropped it and it shattered on a little rug. Having heard that there was some HAZARDOUS concern, she looked up cleaning instructions and found the EPA site.  My sister read the EPA site and went into high gear HAZMAT alert evacuating pets to the other room, opening the windows and calling my other sister to come and take my mother out for the day while the HAZARDOUS clean up could ensue.

We had a memorial service to attend last night and when I picked up my mother and one of my sisters, they had this bag to go into the trunk and instructions that we needed to stop at the fire station on Forbes to properly dispose of the HAZARDOUS material.

Long story short, the firemen and our family have a hilarious story to enjoy for years to come.  In hind sight the entirety of the story and reliving it will give us lots of belly laughs, but I do have to say that though I am always happy to have another joyful and funny experience, the fact that the GOVERNMENT forces this kind of crap on the PEOPLE does really stink.