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Saturday, January 11, 2014

I work with 2 serious preppers. I would say I'm a casual prepper.

My pantry is really no more full than the pantries of a typical old fashioned household.  I don't have a cold cellar or a deep freezer either.

I do know what a cold cellar is, though, because my grandparents had one.  This pictures looks a bit like the entrance to the old cellar.

The cellar sat in front of the old farmhouse and the door faced the house.  My grandparents were already gone by the time we kids were exploring the site.  Another family with children lived in the old house so we had the privilege of playing in and around the old cellar.

My mother didn't have a pantry so I didn't know what a pantry was.  She kept a few canned goods in a corner cupboard. I remember the first time I saw a pantry.  I was visiting the girlfriend of a friend and she mentioned a pantry.  I asked her to explain and she took me to a cupboard and amazed me with all of the food they had on hand.  I asked her why they kept so much food and she said her father worked in the mill and that they had to have enough food on hand to survive a strike.  Wow!  That was eye opening. Having a pantry is pretty darn smart.

Still, as an adult, I followed the lead of my mother and only had a few canned goods in a cupboard.  Then I started listening to the preparation conversations and I started thinking about what a pantry really is. It's a bit of self sufficiency to help you through a temporary disruption. I couldn't figure out how I would fit food into my kitchen cupboards when I suddenly realized that the cupboards were filled with stuff that I didn't need.  Truly - how many sets of dishes and serving platters and gadgets do we need?  I got rid of lots of things which freed up 3 cupboards for a sort of a pantry and then as things go on sale, I pick up a can here and a can there.  It's more of a back up supply that gets moved to the main cupboard as things are used.

A modern pantry also includes some water in gallon jugs or drinking bottles. We are reminded of the value of having water on hand when we hear of unexpected frozen pipes or a disaster such as happened in West Virginia this week.

As I said, I'm not a serious prepper.  I have a couple of jugs set aside.  Guess I'll add a couple more this week.  I realize that's not much but it's better than nothing, right?