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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unemployment compensation is meant to be a short term bridge, not an ever-continuing entitlement program. Do you agree? Does this make you a libertarian?

Just read this article and I continue to be fascinated with the barrage of anti-libertarian pieces being published by Slate and Salon. I am also fascinated to see anti-libertarian articles in the American Spectator and the Weekly Standard. I think they recognize that young people and independents are finding in libertarianism a philosophy that resonates with the place in their hearts that doesn't match up well with traditional Democrat and Republican party principles.

No one really knows how the libertarian movement will play out in the political arena.  For now, because some part of the Republican party is responsive to libertarian candidates, some politicians have found a home there.  No one believes that the Libertarian party itself has a chance of winning an election because we all know the two party system is cemented in place and support for a third party candidate insures victory for the donkey or the elephant.

For now I think important for groups like Reason  and FEE to continue their fine job of educating young people and those for whom the libertarian philosophy resonates so that those who can embrace the philosophy might run for office or support like minded candidates for office.

I would be THRILLED to see libertarians rise up in the Democratic party and the Republican party.  When we see libertarianism as a movement within both parties we will know we have fundamentally changed the way politics is working and that spells HOPE.

Here's a bit of that hope expressed in the Huffington Post.