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Monday, February 17, 2014

Public comment period extended until March 14th

For those concerned about the impacts of oil and gas operations on the water supply - and/or concerned about open pits and wastewater impoundments, or radioactivity from same - comments can still be made to the PA DEP Environmental Quality Board (EQB) regarding the proposed rulemaking until March 14, 2014.  Submit comments to EQB by accessing the EQB’s Online Public Comment System at

Some ideas to think about:
*Water supplies should meet Safe Drinking Water standards (Drilling companies are exempted from this, astonishingly.)
*DEP should proactively establish standards for pre-drill testing
*DEP should NOT allow the storage of wastewater in open pits or impoundments
*DEP should require drill cuttings to be tested for radioactivity
*DEP should not allow storage or burial of drill cuttings on site.

Current regulations allow frack pits next to your property. Current regulations allow contaminated, radioactive waste to be buried on farmland, residential property, next to schools and day care centers. The current regulations are next to worthless in protecting one's property and one's health. The DEP is allowing standards written for shallow gas drilling to apply to hydrofracking with very few changes; today's fracking is not yesterday's shallow drilling, and much more oversight is needed.

Protect your water and air from lax regulation of the oil and gas industry; ask for DEP action at