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Thursday, March 27, 2014

America the Beautiful...

"The Appalachian Mountains inspire wonder, reverence and awe. Many of the nation's magnificent rivers flow from them, providing millions of Americans with clean drinking water. Their majestic vistas nourish our spirits and connect us with nature. It's no wonder that these crown jewels have inspired musicians for generations, whether they're playing bluegrass, country or rock-and-roll.

Today, the Appalachians are being ravaged by the most destructive form of coal mining ever devised. Companies are blowing entire mountaintops to smithereens to get at the thin seams of coal below. Already 500 peaks have been leveled, wide swaths of forests have been clearcut, miles of streams have been destroyed or polluted, and countless communities have been harmed by the hunger for fossil fuel.
With the future of America's oldest mountains at stake, singers and musicians are coming together to say "enough is enough." They are joining together to fight for these cherished mountains, where American music was born and which so many songs celebrate."

Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Naomi Judd, and many more.