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Friday, March 21, 2014

Cape Fear of Failure...another one

Duke Energy Busted After Activists’ Red Flag

Rachel Maddow follows up on a report from earlier in the week about environmental activists who accused a Duke Energy power plant of dumping toxic liquid into public waterway, that has prompted state officials cite Duke Energy for violations.

"...and if you think any of this would have been reported if activists hadn't gone up river to see what was causing the orange water, I have a bridge over some polluted water to sell" (Rachel Maddow)

Watch how the police officer in Maddow's report does the company's dirty work: pressuring people in a little boat on a public river that the company is secretly dumping coal ash into...a waterway that supplies drinking water downstream. Oversight by the NC equivalent of our DEP is non-existent, and these activists (bless their hearts) bring the evidence: Water polluted, officials looking the other way...just like Pennsylvania.
These companies just don't care, folks...don't believe their advertising propaganda. And get on your elected officials to protect you before our water is destroyed here, too.