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Friday, March 28, 2014

Mountain Palace - Home Grown Bean Sprouts!

Yuzhen has created a bin of very happy, healthy looking bean sprouts nurtured by her own hands this past week. So, the weekend special at Mountain Palace is: vegetarian or pork dishes with tasty bean sprouts. Traditional Chinese medical exercise and meridian acupressure class will be held at the Ligonier YMCA for the last time this season at 11:00 Saturday. Fee is $15 payable to the Y for members and non-member walk-ins. Classes will resume next Saturday at 11:00 at Mountain Palace with a fee of $10. Cooking class will be next Sunday at Mountain Palace at 11:30.  724 717-8614 
P.S. Survived 65th birthday yesterday and have to share this card from Lacy!