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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some knuckleheads shouldn't be allowed near recycling!

Noticed this morning that the recycling containers for cardboard were empty, or nearly so, so I drove home to recycle the cardboard I'd accumulated since Christmas. When I returned and opened one of the containers, what did I find? Three or four large boxes, with no apparent attempt to flatten or crush the shipping containers -- despite the many signs reminding recyclers to flatten all boxes before inserting them in the bins.

No wonder these bins fill up so quickly! If several shirkers follow this dismal example, soon the bins will be filled and folks will start leaving cardboard outside the bins! C'mon people! It's not so hard to flatten those boxes! Leave some room in there for the next guy.

I was happy to see the mixed recycling bin had returned Thursday afternoon. But if you look inside you'll see the same thing! Lots of recycling participants don't take the time to crush their metal cans and plastic containers. You see gallon milk cartons in there not crushed (and probably not rinsed)! Huge plastic cat litter containers! Garbage cans!

There are also signs imploring people to empty all bags before tossing them into the mixed bin, but what do you see? Big plastic bags of stuff tossed in there! Cases of beer bottles!

I was heartsick when they recently stopped recycling cans, glass and plastic items, so I was glad to see it back so soon. But let's keep it going! Let's follow the rules and recycle right! And if you make a trip down there and find the bins full, please don't just dump your load next to the bins. That's littering... and it's just creating work for somebody else. Take it home and try again later.