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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Living near a gas drilling site....

"The April 27 Forum article “Our Plan for Deer Lakes” by John Applegath, Range Resources senior vice president, is sugar-coated propaganda. I have lived with and continue to live with the ​24/​7 disruption of quiet living 800 feet from my home. I had almost a year and a half of 24-hour noise, flaring and gas fumes, along with promises that it would be over “in six months,” then “18 months,” then “just a few more months.” It is never-ending with the trucks and 18-wheelers, and let me not forget the diesel pickup noise. There are no holidays…these people think nothing of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Fourth of July, etc..Drilling is just the start. Four years later it still continues and will continue until the wells are depleted. Roads and improvements are only those that benefit the truck traffic. These trucks like their half to be in the center of the road.

Environment? I have aerial pictures of the site 800 feet from my home. They have buried a sludge/​waste pit on the platform. The 16-to-20-foot screen that was erected (for so-called noise abatement) seems to me to be nothing but a screen to conceal the activity that could be seen from the ground. Range is spending a fortune with its advertising to spread the propaganda of benefits. It is making a fortune. Otherwise, why would it have funds for all the propaganda? The only people who are happy with Range are those who have mineral rights and wells on their properties. The rest of us have to bear unpleasantries such as being run off the road, hearing the noise and putting up with the gas being expelled.

Ask the neighbors who have to bear the fact of having a well drilled within 500 feet of their homes…you can thank Gov. Tom Corbett for that gem."   JOSEPH G. HAMM   Hopewell, Washington County