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Sunday, May 4, 2014

musing on the move

As we drove away, I snapped a picture. The day was spent packing up our last possessions and cleaning our former location. We swept, we mopped, we filled the nail-holes in the walls. We scrubbed, scoured and did our best to remove all traces that we had been there at all.

I know that these were just walls. This was just another building in a row of many buildings, but for the past three years, this is where we called home. This is where we invited people in and encouraged them to get in touch with their creativity – a part of themselves that some thought was nonexistent. We worked hard and poured love into everything that we did. Through this storefront on a street that could be in any small town, we made friends, laughed until our bellies ached and raised a toast to many passages of life. From our window, we watched intrepid toddlers taking increasingly brave steps, processions for prom, weddings, and funerals, parades with streamers and pagent-winning pretties waving on floats. We have seen life unfold in an American town.