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Friday, May 2, 2014

Oil spills are good for the economy...if you're completely divorced from reality

"From the Twisted Chutzpah Dept:
A Houston-based oil pipeline company seeking to triple the capacity of its backlogged Trans Mountain Pipeline carrying oil from Alberta to British Columbia included in its 15,000 page request to Canada's National Energy Board the argument that spills can have "both positive and negative effects" on the economy because clean-up jobs!** The report goes on to note a dozen longterm negative effects of spills, including devastation of fishing stocks, tourist industry, cultural heritage sites, "traditional lifestyles" of aboriginal communities and public health. In addition, the NEB has rejected the testimony of 27 climate experts willing to further elaborate on the hazards of the project. But still: a handful of short-term, low-paying, toxic jobs! Inexplicably, many are unconvinced by this argument."

** That's like saying  murders are good because they keep coroners employed, fer gawd's sake. How stupid do we look, Fossil Fools?