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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

PJ Neid's response to the opposition letter

Hi Everyone,
I received the attached letter from friends on Sunday.  This is another beg from our friendly nay sayers requesting money from their friends for the legal fund. What I find sad is how they feel they have control over our local government now. 
A representative from the Westmoreland  Conservation District was here at Foxley Farm last Tuesday and stated that the nay sayers filed a formal complaint telling them I had 150 pigs wallowing in streams. There are 14 left from an original 42.  That I also had a thousand chickens (I have 100 in a pen in the barn).  They had apparently taken the time to do nitrogen absorption rates of the manure and told the conservation group that I was in violation of my manure spreading practices. (I don’t spread manure, everything is free range).  We do compost the chicken manure for the gardens.  Needless to say a waste of their time and everything is fine. Next, they contacted the DEP saying the 146 pigs still there were all swimming in the stream.  Remember we have14 out of the original herd of 42 still there. They agreed with us that we were fine and the neighbors concerns were not their jurisdiction.  Not sure what agency they will go to next.  It would be nice to publicly post this letter to the Ligonier residents along with a rebuttal and the truth.  According to the naysayers letter, the number of pigs for future farming keeps climbing.  4000.  Wow.  Certainly not at this juncture.  Misinformation is being used to solicit funds.  A farmer did send me a building design which can be configured to hold such a large herd.  Nice of him.   And to think we only want to let families who rent the farm for weekends to be allowed to hold weddings here of which the receptions must be held inside the library anyway.  Has anyone ever complained about smelling a wedding?  
Last, it is very important for all to consider attending the Ligonier Township Supervisors meeting on Tuesday May 13 at 7:00 pm where a proposed zoning addendum forwarded by Mark Hamilton, the attorney hired by the township to oppose the farm, will be discussed and which will impact the entire residential and business community.  Zoning changes should never be used to oppose any one entity especially when it's impact will affect many.   Please pass the word by email, facebook etc and attend this meeting.  More to come.

PJ Nied