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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

a message for dog owners using the Ligonier Valley Trail

The Ligonier Valley Trail is getting a lot of use.  It's wonderful to see so many using the trail to not only get some great exercise and improve their health but to enjoy the outdoors. We have received many compliments concerning the trail.  Folks of all ages are using it from younger kids to those in their golden years and even whole families have been walking on a regular basis.  However, I have also received complaints about the dog waste on the trail and finding dog waste bags on the ground.  I personally have picked up numerous dog waste bags.  It's not only an eyesore but it ruins the day for other people who like to enjoy the trail too.  We welcome folks who are dog lovers and their dogs on the trail.  Doggie Poop bags are supplied for you free of charge and there is a waste container a short distance away near the tennis courts.  You can also take the dog waste bags home for disposal.  If you're not a true dog lover, willing to clean up after your dog, then leave your dog at home.  We have considered a waste container to be placed near the bridge. However they cost about $800 each.  That's a lot of money and those that throw their dog waste bags in the weeds probably wouldn't use them anyway.  Once a waste container is in place, there is a cost to servicing it.   There are some dog owners that let the dog poop right on the trail with no thought of picking it up.  That's not pleasant either.  We've made a nice trail for everyone to use so we are asking you to please be considerate and kind to your fellow man as well as your dog.
Thank You
Larry Shew

Project Manager