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Thursday, August 14, 2014

I agree with Mary. Why no activity bus???

The United School District, 4 miles from the Northern End, understands and addresses the needs of all their students allowing an equal opportunity for success. The LVSD board "Refuses" to provide the students of the northern end with an activity bus. Oldham applies for grant after grant and gives contracts and raises after raises to her friends with the boards' blessings ,in addition to the $1.8 million from the RKM foundation , and taxes raised 3 times in four years. I see monies were found for the painting of the shed behind the adm bldg while 1 activity bus cannot be provided . That is Hutchinson's , Tantlinger's , Maier's, Robinson's and , Shafer's means of punishing the Northern End. Why doesn't Thistlethwaite or McDowell or Dickert -Wallace or Wilcox speak up? 

Mary Raich

"EAST WHEATFIELD TOWNSHIP — United School District students will have transportation services provided to them for after-school activities through Tri County Transportation Inc.
Board members on Tuesday voted to implement the transportation services for the benefit of the district’s students who participate in sports or any other after-school activity. Such services were cut in the past due to budgetary concerns.
Board President Don Davis said Tri County “was able to bring that back” at virtually no cost to the district save for anything over the price of the diesel fuel, the wholesale cost of which is $1.50 per gallon. Tri County would accept the money it received from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Davis said.
The district has gone at least two years without after-school transportation as a cost-saving measure, leaving parents responsible for transporting their children home.
Davis said when the district negotiated its contract with Tri County, the after-school transportation service “was one of the things we liked about their proposal.”
“This is a great service for our students and district residents, because we do cover 132 square miles,” he said."