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Saturday, August 16, 2014

probable scam reported on Facebook

"Just to keep an eye out: I went to the grocery store and my grandson was home alone. I wasn't gone long but, someone came to the door and he answered even though he been told not to. His answer was that he had a bat in his hand so he was ok. Now the story.....There was a lady with long blond hair and she was selling childrens books or mags. She asked for a parent and he told her no and shut the door. I was out with a group of ladies last night and one of them talked about the blond woman selling childrens books at around 10:00pm and just didn't want to give up. The husband at last got firm with her and she then left. I called the police today and they are coming to talk with my grandson. So please watch out. I don't know if there is anyone else with this lady or what. The only thing the police told me was that no one had asked for a sales permit. So they would like info if you have any or saw something out of place."