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Friday, September 5, 2014

Dirty numbers...what is being hidden?

Reported by company: 21 tons. Actual amount disposed: 95,000 tons. 4,500 times as much as they were willing to report.

"To say that the records of Marcellus Shale well waste disposal are riddled with gaps and discrepancies doesn’t begin to describe the scale of the problem. A Post-Gazette review found that differences between the amount of waste that drillers said they delivered to landfills and the amounts the landfills reported receiving varied enormously. At the receiving end, nine southwestern Pennsylvania landfills analyzed by reporter Anya Litvak reported accepting three or four times the waste that drillers said they sent them.

The worst case was that of EQT Corp., which reported to the state Department of Environmental Protection that it sent 21 tons of drill cuttings and fracking fluid to landfills in 2013. But the landfills reported receiving 95,000 tons. That’s not a typo; it’s 4,500 times as much. EQT was not alone, although it was exponentially further off the mark than other firms. Range Resources reported a total on waste disposed that was 22,000 tons lower than the amount the landfills said they had received."