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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM - On-Line Free from Happy Healthy Inc

So, folks, I committed to getting this together. I am not expecting a very large audience. What this is is a meager attempt to follow an instruction from Lacy. She was a slave driver for a living in a past life I am sure. That is not intended to offend the slaves. You guys keep your heads down and keep working. Someone has to!

7:00PM Eastern is the kick-off of some materials Happy Healthy Inc has been trying to get together for a considerable time. I am thinking it's time, painfully aware of my limited time here, and also of how rare an opportunity to try your best to do something for someone you love. It is a pleasure to be here!

I spent the day preparing for my on-line first live presentation by practicing my Qi Gong Therapy. I was in the backyard cutting, raking, mowing and, lastly to finish making a longish extension cord to reach a fledgling Resource Center.

Discussion tonight to include Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV classification of mental disorders per American Psychiatric Association. Expect technical challenges. Video of session will be recorded. Do not enter if you have objection to audio/video recording.

So, Mental Health at 7:00PM Eastern, then get crazy!

Clay Shirey, M.A.
Certified Multisystemic Therapist

Software available free through website

Download and install and then reboot computer. Sorry for all the requirement

Enter seat from Clay04 through Clay24 until you find an empty seat.
Enter password: 999999

Check us out also at: and 
They are not very well prepared either but may give you some idea of what we are attempting to do.