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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mountain Palace Happy Healthy Festival! Saturday Sept. 20 6:45ish!

Calling all burned out hippies! This is a "burned out hippie alert! Marianne M. & Diane C. will be performing at Mountain Palace in Bolivar, Pa live and in-person. The cake is not ordered, the grass is not cut, the mower is broken again, and nothing is ready. Pigou Lake is about empty that the frogs are beginning to look anxious but the humans are good. A favored moment of mine was when Mellow Mike were at Mountain Palace the second time. When finished they asked if any requests. Stating, "Freedom" by Richie Havens, they went directly into it. What a group! So if you're not here Saturday you will be missing the biggest event in Bolivar, across from Mirror Lake, since a meteor missed us by one-eight the distance to the moon. So, until we announce more mental health issues, live virtual classroom, or Pitt Innovation application videos, try to get a shower, pull yourself together and come as you are!

Mountain Palace Welcomes Marianne & Diane!

The sheds are moved, you can see Cozy Cottage from the Dining Room :)