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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ol' Bible-thumpin' Libertarian Joel Salatin...gotta love him

"Our bodies, that three trillion member community in our insides, is not meant to receive substances that you can’t pronounce or you can’t make in your kitchen. Or that were grown with artificials. Sir Albert Howard said in 1943 in his foundational work in agricultural testament that when we use artificial manure (that’s what he called chemical fertilizers) artificial manures for the soil, then they grow artificial plants, which then make artificial animals, which then make artificial humans, which require artificials in order to keep us alive. And if that isn’t a commentary on where we are today with the drug trade and the pharmaceutical industry, I don’t know what is. In the last 35 years, our culture has exchanged an 18% per capita expenditure on food and 9% on health care to 18% on health care and 9% on food. And I would suggest that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think there might be a connection between the inversion of those two numbers."

"If all the diesel fuel being put through refrigerated trucks to bring unseasonable produce to New England and Virginia – I’ll call it the northern tier – if all that diesel fuel was converted into plastic to make coop houses, season extensions, and solariums on the south side of buildings, we wouldn’t have to run any of those trucks, we wouldn’t have to build any of those roads, we wouldn’t have to use any of that energy to do that. And that becomes, see, that’s an integrated holistic approach, rather than some sort of “I’m going to continue to eat my California-introduced mesclun mix in February in New York City. Hang the system and let’s figure out how to make more cheap fuel.” "