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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sharing makes cents/sense....

In every household in America, there are tools, kitchen appliances and leisure-time stuff that we seldom use, things could be lent out to neighbors once in awhile. Pumpipumpe is a Swiss-based project to connect happy-to-share neighbors and promote the shared use of consumer things between folks. Notably, instead of this effort being promoted and carried out on the Internet, Pumpipumpe's beauty lies in how it's done, namely, in the neighborhood itself! Stickers featuring the item one is willing to share are stuck on your mailbox, where neighbors (in walkable areas like Ligonier) are likely to see them. This promotes a chance to directly make human contact, to get to know one another better, and to share something seldom-used.

Pumpipumpe started when cyclists organized to be able to borrow pumps for the occasional flat they'd have, far from their own pump. Sweet. Not sure about anyone producing the stickers here, but it seems like a great idea for the USofA.

The Project:

The stickers: