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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"...the political leadership on this issue has been gravely lacking.'

“It’s easy to get cynical about politicians, and then one of them shows a real maturity and grace.” -Bill McKibben

"A local district attorney in Massachusetts surprised parties on all sides on Monday after he sided with two climate justice activists who employed a "necessity defense" to justify their use of a small lobster boat to block the path of an enormous coal freighter trying to dock at the Brayton Point Power Station in the town of Somerset last year. Several serious charges were brought against two men, Jay O'Hara and Ken Ward, for their attempt to wedge their boat, the Henry David T., between the dock and an approaching coal freighter, the Energy Enterprise, on May 13, 2013.
For the brazen act of civil disobedience both O'Hara and Ward faced many thousands of dollars in fines and as much as two years in jail, but it was Bristol County DA Sam Sutter who decided that all charges in the case would be dropped after he determined that their expressed purpose—to put an end to the carbon-spewing pollution directly related to the current climate change crisis—was an adequate and defensible position.  Sutter dropped all charges against the two. And he did more than that. Following an agreement between his office and O'Hara and Ward which would see the most serious charges—including conspiracy—dropped and fines replaced with orders of restitution (both men agreed to pay $2,000), Sutter emerged from the local court house to express why he thought the two activists were ultimately justified in their creative protest."

“I do believe they’re right, that we’re at a crisis point with climate change.” --Bristol County DA Sam Sutter