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Monday, September 29, 2014


"A water tanker truck attempting to cross historic Pollocks Mill Bridge in Greene County caused part of the bridge to collapse Sunday afternoon and is expected to remain stuck on it through at least today. The truss bridge was built in 1878 and spans Ten Mile Creek near Clarksville. The removal of the truck was delayed because of a gas line that runs alongside the bridge and delivers gas to about 4,500 customers. The gas line will have to be turned off, police said, before the truck can be extricated.
The driver of the truck was identified as Jason Strawderman of Beverly, W.Va. He was driving the truck for Buccaneer Enterprises, a trucking company based in Buckhannon, W.Va. Strawderman told police he jumped out of the truck when he felt the bridge give way under his back wheels, and he dumped the load of fresh water the truck was carrying into Ten Mile Creek. Strawderman approached the bridge from Adamik Road. The posted weight limit on the bridge is 4 tons." 

Reports are the truck weighed 20 tons. For the health of Ten Mile Creek and the life that's in it - plus the wildlife that depends upon it - here's hoping at the very least the water truly was fresh water and not frack water, and therefore full of radioactive contaminants... .  

Sorry about that historic bridge. Ah, well...gotta make money, right?