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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Selling out and little pink ribbons

'Since Breast Cancer Action first coined the term pinkwashing, there’s been no shortage of shocking examples. Car companies Fiat and Ford participated in pink-ribbon marketing in spite of the links between auto exhaust and an increased risk of the disease. KFC sold greasy, heart disease-causing “Buckets for the Cure” in the name of women’s health, just a few years after being sued for suspected carcinogens in its food. Even Komen’s own Promise Me perfume raised concerns for its chemical contents. All too often, Komen is receiving pinkwashed donations and providing cover to companies that are helping to fuel an epidemic.

The partnership with fracking company Baker Hughes is among the worst examples of Komen’s pinkwashing so far. More than 700 chemicals are used in the process of drilling and fracking for oil and gas. In a study of about 350 of those chemicals, researchers found that up to half can cause health problems, including nervous, immune and cardiovascular symptoms. More than one-third can disrupt the hormone system. And a quarter of the chemicals, such as benzene and formaldehyde, increase the risk of cancer." 

On Sunday Oct. 26th, the Komen Foundation is being presented a check for $100,000 at the Steeler Game from the drilling company Baker Hughes.The Breast Cancer Action people are flying in one of their organizers from San Francisco and will have fliers about the Komen pink-washing. People will be there to talk about cancer and fracking from 2-4 pm at North Shore Riverside park which is on the river behind the stadium