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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thank you Ligonier Borough for seeing the danger of drones flying over a highly populated area.

“In this day and age, everything is changing so fast that the FAA in the county hasn't even caught up to these things, and there are risks,“ McDowell said, “so, authorizing a resolution to restrict them, I think takes us off the hook.”
Councilman Jim McDonnell asked how it would be possible to stop someone who has a drone from using it.
“You can't, but at least you won't be liable if something happens, because you did your due diligence to try to stop them,” McDowell said. “Obviously, anybody can be sued. A good lawyer can beat anybody at anything anywhere, but it's at least an effort to discourage it.”
McDowell said the photographer reported that his friend's house was struck by a drone, causing significant damage.
Council made a resolution to address the matter because it did not have enough time to pass an ordinance in time for this weekend's festival.
Secretary Paul Fry suggested council consider banning the devices for any special events.
Solicitor George Welty said council should explore the issue and get information from the county to craft “something more permanent for next year.”

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