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Sunday, November 2, 2014

7,000,000 steps, 3,000 miles, CA to DC, March to November

**"It’s time to make it clear that a politician who green lights the fossil fuels industry’s attempts to poison our communities and ruin our climate will not get our votes under any circumstances." **

"After eight months and over 3,000 miles, people marching under the banner of the Great March for Climate Action strode into Washington D.C. on Saturday declaring that they've seen firsthand how climate change is affecting people from coast to coast and their message is this: Americans want climate action now. Though they were joined along the way by local residents and others supporting the cause, 34 people had completed the entire journey from the Port of Wilmington in Los Angeles to Lafayette Park in Washington D.C.. The core group walked 15-25 miles a day, 8 to 10 hours each day, allowing themselves to rest one day a week. Hundreds are expected to join the marchers at a rally outside the White House where they will recount their experience. [...] writer Cheryl McNamara, who joined the marchers for some time, wrote that the group "had walked through severe drought in the southwestern United States, cutting up to the American heartland through industrial wastelands in Nebraska and Illinois." From there they traveled through Ohio and through heavily-fracked regions of the Pennsylvania mountains before reaching their final destination, Washington D.C. (Note: They passed through Ligonier at the beginning of October.) 

** Please keep this in mind when you vote on Tuesday. Our children and grandchildren will pay dearly for the poor choices we make. If you don't like the candidates on the ballot, write in the ones who will do the job...and do it as if their very own air and drinking water was at stake. (Not the faraway air or well water of some faceless, desperate farmer in Armpit, PA.) 

Do your homework...learn what this issue means to the future of Pennsylvania and the Laurel Highlands. TV ads do not count as having informed yourself, either, no matter which of the two hopeless parties has paid for it.