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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 the waning hours of Veterans' Day, inconvenient truths, stolen futures

"For Veterans' Day, it should be said to the estimated 22 veterans who each day kill themselves, rendering their total far above those who died in combat, and to Tomas Young, the 34-year-old gravely wounded veteran and heartbreakingly eloquent anti-war activist who finally died Monday, and to all those surviving troubled veterans - it should be said, not the vapid "Thank you for your service," but, "We are sorry, because we failed you." From Tomas' searing last letter to Bush and Cheney: "We were used. We were betrayed. And we have been abandoned."

Starting in 2012, according to a chilling military medical report, suicide rather than combat has been for the first time in history the leading cause of death in the military. An estimated, staggering 22 veterans a day kill themselves, their deaths outranking those from not just war but cancer, heart disease, homicide, transportation accidents and all other causes. Of those surviving 2.6 million veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, more than half struggle with physical and mental health problems stemming from their service and what they did in its questionable name."