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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kim and John’s post…….

This letter was sent to Ligonier Borough Council Members to be read under correspondence at the November Council meeting.  Instead, it was pulled from correspondence and given to the mayor for his personal reading.  A copy was given to the Ligonier Echo for publishing but did not get printed.  In an attempt to  let people know how our local government operates and in the interest of freedom of speech, we are submitting this to the Ligonier Living Blog.

Ligonier Borough Council
120 E Main Street
Ligonier PA 15658

November 11, 2014

Dear Council Members of Ligonier Borough,

Regulations regarding trees between the sidewalk and curb are defined in Chapter 131 Shade Trees of the Ligonier Borough and any trimming   by the property owner requires a permit issued by the Shade Tree Commission.  These regulations shall be enforced by the Commission in conjunction with the Mayor and the Borough police.  

It appears that our mayor not only chooses to not enforce Ligonier ordinances, he also knowingly violates them as indicated by the recent radical pruning of a number of trees on Summit Avenue.    All that remain of about a dozen large trees on Summit Avenue is the trunk and a few stubs that once were large branches leaving our street looking like a war zone.

The mayor added insult to injury by dumping all trimmings from the trees onto the roadway blocking parking spaces on a street that already has limited parking.  He then left the debris on the street until the borough employees hauled a number of large truck load away to clean the street at tax payer's expense.

The average Ligonier citizen trims and disposes of tree trimmings at their expense as required by our ordinance while those who feel privileged and entitled do as they please.  Our mayor appears to be out of control and we would like to know if our borough council can do something to correct this situation.

Very truly yours,

John and Kim Shaffer