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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The Everything Change"

"It’s been very interesting to me to see climate change more from the margins of the conversation -- it was already known about in the 50s. But we’re programmed to think in the short term and get from today to tomorrow rather than from today to 50 years from now. [...] Not many people spend endless hours wondering what will happen in 75 years when they themselves will be dead. Yes. Our usual approach is to pretend that nothing’s happening until it’s happened, and then react to it. Some people suss it out; some Jewish people got out of Nazi Germany because they saw it coming. Everybody else said, “Oh, it won’t be so bad, surely they won’t do THAT.” We’re doing the same thing now: “Surely such and such won’t happen,” but I think Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of alarm. There’s a lot more town-level and city-level action being taken -- not so much at the state or federal level."

"I don't even call it 'climate change', I call it 'the everything change''s a change of everything." --Margaret Atwood.