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Thursday, December 4, 2014

CMU's Breathe Cam lets citizens document sources of air pollution

At the Post-Gazette
The Breathe Cam project uses and refines existing computer software developed at CMU to stitch together multiple photographs and create a high-resolution panorama of an area much faster than previously possible.
That technological advance, by CMU researchers Paul Dille and Randy Sargent, allows users of the site to view and explore the images just minutes after they are recorded. “It’s enabled us to turn this into a service, not just a technology,” Mr. Sargent said.

At Essential Pittsburgh
Improving air quality continues to be a major challenge in the region, but now Carnegie Mellon University's CREATE Lab has introduced Breathe Cam . It's designed to give area residents direct access to the world's most sophisticated technology for documenting visual pollution in the air they breathe. CMU Robotics professor Illah Nourbakhsh joins us to explain how it works.

CMU Robotics professor Illah Nourbakhsh said on Essential Pittsburgh today that one quarter of ER visits are because of asthma, a condition which he says is hugely exacerbated by breathing bad air. Western PA produces a lot of bad air and, as fracking comes in, this situation will deteriorate further. 

May such technology as the Breathe Cam not be needed in the Ligonier Valley...which is to say that, with concerted effort by citizens (that means anyone reading this), the fracking horse will be kept in the barn, not let out to run wild. (My apologies to horses for use of this metaphor.) 

Get active and protect your needs to be defended here as well as in The Big City.